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Drums! - A studio quality drum kit in your pocket app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 6784 ratings )
Music Entertainment
Developer: Cinnamon Jelly Ltd
0.99 USD
Current version: 3.1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 13 Apr 2009
App size: 99.72 Mb

Hands down the best drumming app on the App Store. Nobody can come close to the quality of our sounds or our lightning fast response times. Drums! is the next best thing to owning a real drum kit. Drum along to your favourite tunes or jam away for hours the choice is yours!

All these features for one insanely low price:
- Three amazing drum kits that come as standard with two other kits available via In App Purchase.
- Play along to songs in your music library using the built in music player.
- Record your drumming either alone or along to music. Choose from either your music library or a previously recorded track then export your recordings via email, Wifi, Dropbox, AudioCopy or iTunes. (Requires In App Purchase) - For details on compatible AudioCopy apps see
- Share recordings between devices using "Open In..."
- Left and right handed drum layouts.
- Play with either a single or double kick drum setup.
- Switch out the second kick drum for either a cowbell, tambourine or wood block. (Requires In App Purchase).
- Dual zone ride cymbal. With choice of regular or crash sounds.
- Hit the snare drum rim to trigger a rimshot. (Optional)
- Super low latency means when you hit a drum the sound plays instantly.
- Option to trigger the kick drum when you hit the crash cymbal.
- Stunning high quality retina graphics.

Drums! is a universal application and has been extensively tested and proved to function on hardware running iOS 7 or higher. With full support for the latest devices.

Drums! is easy to learn and quick to master and will reward those looking for a fun App as well as those drummers wanting a serious and realistic experience.

Pros and cons of Drums! - A studio quality drum kit in your pocket app for iPhone and iPad

Drums! - A studio quality drum kit in your pocket app good for

One of my favorites. The sound is so realistic. But why have you reduce its size since the new update?? Make it an option for the 3Gs! Thanx again for the great work! Cheers!!
The ultimate drum app, definitely worth it but missing record stuff
It is Siiiick, really good layout, sounds, and response time.
Sound samples are amazing. Graphics are first rate. Response times excellent. As a drummer, I can pull out of this app the sounds and grooves I want. Very well set up and better than any of the other drum apps Ive tried (more than 15 at least) Hopefully future updates will bring us the option to adjust individual drum / cymbal volumes, and a list of excellent cymbal / drum samples to build a custom set. Current sets are amazing but I would like to mix and match some of the drums and thats not possible currently. This app is very usable on my iPod touch, I can only imagine it must be amazing on an iPad! AWESOME APP, please add a few more tweaks and make it PERFECT:)!
Great sounds, great look, and great response! No latency. More sets, custom sets, velocity sensitiveness, and record function would be nice additions. Id also like to be able to increase the volume of the drums, because they seem a bit quiet when I play along to my music. Altogether best drum app! Definitely worth a dollar!
I use this app all the time. The only thing I would recommend that their be an option for automatic bass pedal when you hit the crash cymbal like in GarageBand.This app is a must have for any musician!!!

Some bad moments

I purchased this because there are a ton of good reviews. Im not sure how. The sound lags so bad its impossible to play anything. There are only three kits. All sound and look basically the same. Some of the option buttons sit on top of the cymbals and cant be accessed. If youre looking for a good drum app, check out R-Tap drums. Its free and WAY better than this App.
Could be so much better than it is and I would not recommend. -needs an optional pad layout vs drum set image to make it more useable in real life. -cannot adjust individual sample volumes which is crazy. -No audio bus support yet? -no multi touch sensitive support ( much needed for any drum app) - ability to load custom drum samples would be a great idea. FYI: I have purchased and tried most every drum apps available in IOS and so far IGOG is the best sounding and most useable drum app!
You guys ruined it when you came out with the update.It would be great to play out off you tube.
So I pretty much bought all the in-app purchases. and it would be great if I can actually select a track to share, or to know to select a track to share. cause every time I go to select a track, it just starts playing. ex. when I tap on Dropbox it says to select a track. I go to select a track, but it starts playing it, rather than selecting it. I would GREATLY appreciate it if you guys could fix it somehow so you can ACTUALLY share what you want to share. Ive been playing this drum app ever since it came out, and it is probably my favorite iPod/iPhone app of ALL time. Please just fix this one problem, or show how to share their tracks.
You are making me spend more money for a China cymbal and some other accessories like a cow bell, tambourine this is a rip off I want my money back
This could be a nice update...but the app crash every time I try to tap into the settings!!! Pls Resolve it now!!

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