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Great App

One of my favorites. The sound is so realistic. But why have you reduce its size since the new update?? Make it an option for the 3Gs! Thanx again for the great work! Cheers!!

ShawnW8 NC

Trro terrib paë!!!!


The previous version Was way better ! Bring It back !


Is the best...

Best Drums App

Thats all


The ultimate drum app, definitely worth it but missing record stuff

Very good, but lacks some options.

For me, one of the best battery application from the Apple Store, except for the lack of choice to use MIDI, and integration with GarageBand, which would make this app the best follow-up. Another point is that we are not updating for some time and also on user comments, I see developers do not reply in any of them.


.. But it really needs an recording Button !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!! !!!!!


Love it! Play along to songs on my playlist.


It is Siiiick, really good layout, sounds, and response time.

Great time

I dont want to work I just want to beat on my drums all day!


Great app. Fun to play around with.

Best Drumming App by Far

Sound samples are amazing. Graphics are first rate. Response times excellent. As a drummer, I can pull out of this app the sounds and grooves I want. Very well set up and better than any of the other drum apps Ive tried (more than 15 at least) Hopefully future updates will bring us the option to adjust individual drum / cymbal volumes, and a list of excellent cymbal / drum samples to build a custom set. Current sets are amazing but I would like to mix and match some of the drums and thats not possible currently. This app is very usable on my iPod touch, I can only imagine it must be amazing on an iPad! AWESOME APP, please add a few more tweaks and make it PERFECT:)!

The Best!

Great sounds, great look, and great response! No latency. More sets, custom sets, velocity sensitiveness, and record function would be nice additions. Id also like to be able to increase the volume of the drums, because they seem a bit quiet when I play along to my music. Altogether best drum app! Definitely worth a dollar!

crash my Iphone4 completely!

not sure about the serious of this app


Awesome! Great sounds! No hiccups! Rock On!

Best Drum App!!!

I use this app all the time. The only thing I would recommend that their be an option for automatic bass pedal when you hit the crash cymbal like in GarageBand.This app is a must have for any musician!!!

Best virtual drums on the app store. But it would be cool if it reacted to how hard u hit it, like on garage band

Awsome app

This is a great app especially if you want to jam out with your music. Its be great if you can create your own customs kit with sounds from different kits. Also be great if you can adjust volume to the toms or snare.


I tried a bunch of other drum apps before a friend referred this one. It is the best one available by FAR!!

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